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A Right Royal Christchurch

Eighteen months after the excitement of seeing his father, I found myself thrilled to discover that my scheduled weekday off work coincided with the visit of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge to Christchurch. I had previously been present when Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visited the city, and despite not being a Royalist, nor to the pleasing of my partner, I took great thrill out of following them around the annual A & P show in an effort to get up close for a picture. It made my day to shake hands with Camilla, and the giddy child within was even more excited that my handshake made it onto the national news.


Fast-forward 1.5 years, and I found myself getting up early and heading down to Latimer Square at 8am to stand by a fence for 4 hours as a gathering crowd arrived. My patience was rewarded with a greeting and a handshake with Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge as she made her way down the crowd, speaking to as many people as she could. She is an exceedingly pretty and amiable person, and across the walkway, her husband, the future King, William the Duke of Cambridge, was greeting the people of Christchurch too. As they made their way towards the centre of the square, they started the countdown clock for the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2015 before both of them took their turns batting with some local kids. They chatted with many of the kids as well as some cricket officials before smiling and waving to the crowd, and getting back in their car and leaving. It was a brief visit, but they left a very satisfied crowd behind, including myself.


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