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Christchurch Stands Tall

As part of the international Wild in Art project, this summer sees 99 fibre-glass giraffe sculptures placed around the city of Christchurch and its suburbs. Titled Christchurch Stands Tall, a trail map takes people on a journey to find the 49 sponsored large giraffes and the 50 school-project small ones. It is hoped that the trail will bring people back into parts of the city that they haven’t visited before or in a while and illustrate the ongoing progress being made in the rebuild and redesign of the city following the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. The feedback has been very positive and I for one have had fun going round ‘collecting’ them. Unfortunately, a select few have taken to vandalism and as such a small number have had to be taken off display for repair which is highly disappointing. Focusing on the positives though, there are some beautiful designs and I have a few favourites. Which are your favourites? The giraffes will be on display until 24th January 2015 before being auctioned for charity.

  • 1. Mosaic. Cathedral Square

Mosaic GiraffeMosaic Giraffe








  • 2. Imagine. Cathedral Square

20141115_154850 Imagine Giraffe








  • 3. Rifraff Giraffe. Corner of High & Hereford Streets

Rifraff Giraffe








  • 4. The Giraffe of Gratitude. Cashel Street (Bannatynes)

Giraffe of GratitudeGratitude detail








  • 5. Building on Our Memories. Cashel Street

Building on our Memories GiraffeBuilding on our Memories Giraffe

Memories detail















  • 6. Point Blank. Park of Remembrance

Point Blank Giraffe








  • 7. Firth. Christchurch City Council

Firth Giraffe








  • 8. Crusade. The Arts Centre

Crusade GiraffeCrusade Giraffe

Crusade detail















  • 9. Spring (Brilliance in Resilience). Botanical Gardens at the Peacock Fountain

Spring GiraffeSpring detail








  • 10. Zarafa’s Blue Mandalas. HSBC Tower on Worcester Boulevard

Zaraffa Giraffe








  • 11. Raise. Worcester Bridge

Raise Giraffe








  • 12. We Are Worth It. Christchurch Casino

Worth It GiraffeWorth It Giraffe








  • 13. The Builder. The Commons

Builder GiraffeThe Builder detail








  • 14. Aroha, Love Canterbury. The Commons

Canterbury GiraffeCanterbury Giraffe

Aroha detail















  • 15. Beauty Amongst the Rust. Victoria Square

Rust GiraffeRust Giraffe

Beauty Among the Rust detail















  • 16. Tall Toys. Cathedral Junction

Tall Toys GiraffeTall Toys detail

Tall Toys detail












  • 17. Queen of Hearts. Cathedral Junction

Queen of Hearts GiraffeQueen of Hearts Giraffe








  • 18. Reflecting Changes. Agropolis Urban Farm (corner of High Street and Tuam Street)

Reflective GiraffeReflections detail








  • 19. Safety First. EPIC Hub on Tuam Street

Safety First GIraffeSafety First Giraffe








  • 20. Bubbles. ArtBox Gallery on Madras Street

Bubbles GiraffeBubbles Giraffe

Bubbles detail












  • 21. Te Aroha Mutunga Kore (Loved Forever). 343 Cambridge Terrace

Loved Forever GiraffeLoved Forever GIraffe








  • 22. Giraffa Spatiumnolovacuam. Think Differently Book Exchange (corner of Kilmore Street & Barbadoes Street)

Giraffa GiraffeGiraffa Giraffe








  • 23. Harakeke. Doris Lusk Park

Harakeke Giraffe








  • 24. The Very Last Daisy Rothschild. XCHC

Last Rothschild GiraffeLast Rothschild Giraffe

Daisy Rothschild detail















  • 25. The Animal Biscuit. The Colombo Mall

Biscuit Giraffe








  • 26. For Fun. Christchurch South Library

For Fun GiraffeFor Fun Giraffe








  • 27. Moa Giraffe. Cashmere Valley Reserve

Moa GiraffeMoa Giraffe

Moa detail















  • 28. Harold. Pioneer Recreation Centre

Harold GiraffeHarold Giraffe

Harold detail















  • 29. Giraffe Crossing. Hazeldean Business Park

Giraffe CrossingGiraffe Crossing








  • 30. Wicket. Hagley Oval

Wicket GiraffeWicket Giraffe

Wicket detail















  • 31. The Best of Times. Riccarton House

Best of Times GiraffeBest of Times Giraffe








  • 32. Mapthew & Head Above the Clouds. Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre

Mapthew GIraffeMapthew Giraffe








  • 33. Dunk (The Canterbury Giraffe). Botanic Gardens Playground

Dunk GiraffeDunk detail








  • 34. Kea Parrot Stay. Mona Vale Park

Kea GiraffeKea Giraffe

Kea detail















  • 35. Reach For The Stars. Jellie Park

Reach for the Stars GiraffeReach for the Stars Giraffe


Reach for the Stars detail














  • 36. Hero. Merivale Mall

Hero GiraffeHero Giraffe

Hero detail















  • 37. Space Wild. Malvern Park

Space Wild GiraffeSpace Wild Giraffe








  • 38. Raquelle. Pak ‘n’ Save Wainoni

Raquelle GiraffeRaquelle Giraffe








  • 39. Head In The Clouds… Feet On The Ground… Everywhere In Between… And Beyond. Carnaby Lane, New Brighton

Carnaby Lane GiraffeCarnaby Lane GIraffe








  • 40. Bat Giraffe. New Brighton Library

Bat GiraffeBat Giraffe

Bat detail












  • 41. Ziraffe. Main Road, Mount Pleasant

Ziraffe GIraffeZiraffe Giraffe








  • 42. Yagi. Sumner Green

Yagi GIraffe








  • 43. Cloud Gazer. Sumner Esplanade

Cloud Gazer GiraffeCloud Gazer Giraffe


Cloud Gazer detail











  • 44. Evolution. London Street, Lyttleton

Evolution GIraffeEvolution Giraffe








  • 45. The Longest Grink in Town. Tai Tapu General Store

Milkshake GiraffeMilkshake Giraffe








  • 46. Monarch. Christchurch International Airport

Monarch GiraffeMonarch detail








  • 47. From Kaiapoi With Love. 166 Williams Street, Kaiapoi

Kaiapoi GiraffeKaiapoi Giraffe

Kaiapoi detail















  • 48. Dotted Line. 2a Good Street, Rangiora

Rangiora Giraffe








  • 49. Whatever’s Clever. New Regent Street

New Regent Street GIraffeWhatever's Clever Giraffe








  • 50. The Small Can Stand Tall Too. Canterbury Museum

Small Tall GiraffeSmall Tall Giraffe








  • 51. Cone-Raff. Christchurch Hospital

This was originally made as a joke by a member of the public to fill a spot whilst one of the giraffes was being repaired. It was so well received, it was given its own spot on the trail.









  • School Project Giraffes. Various

School GiraffesSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool giraffeSchool GiraffeSchool GiraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffeSurfing school giraffeSchool giraffeSchool giraffe










































































































































































The Last Stand:

In February 2015, all the giraffes were put on a final show prior to auction.

Standing TallStanding TallStanding TallStanding Small

Standing SmallStanding SmallStanding Tall


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One thought on “Christchurch Stands Tall

  1. I think these programs are a wonderful idea and a great motivation to explore a city. There have been a number of programs in the US as well. We visited Meridian, Mississippi, a small, relatively unknown town which featured carousel horses. We wrote a post and I thought that you might enjoy it:



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