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Hosier Lane

Across the road from Federation Square, nestled between a collection of buildings, lies the apparently unassuming Hosier Lane. Take a wander through it, however, and a world of art is opened up before your eyes. Although evident in many parts of Melbourne, Hosier Lane is crammed with an ever-changing display of street art. This is not graffiti, this is most definitely a highly expressive art form, and it is very impressive.


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5 thoughts on “Hosier Lane

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  2. Wow, these are amazing! Thank you so much for telling me about the post! I Love it!

  3. An excellent collection Fi. And as you say, no graffiti here. These are all incredibly talented artists on the job. I’m always amazed at the creativity shown in the images, and how the artist uses the available space. I love the wolfman painted behind the bars. That took some work and planning I’m sure. ~James

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