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Growing Up (aka Hanging Up My Backpack)

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they either choose to, or are forced to, grow up. After 13 years of backpacking around the globe, at the age of 32, I have decided to hang up my backpack for good. The last couple of years it was becoming increasingly obvious that the backpacker life was no longer for me. I resisted this realisation for as long as possible, but a few weeks ago I decided that enough was enough. My trusty backpacks have done me well, and across 6 different continents they have housed my belongings, and survived a multitude of flights including, on a couple of occasions, even heading off solo thanks to transit problems at airports. These two bags are particularly well travelled:

 My Rucksack

My backpack


A quad biking accident 2.5 years ago has left me with weakened wrists and a mountain biking accident 2 years ago has left me with permanent back issues. Thankfully, both have recovered enough that I can get on with life in a near-normal fashion, but lifting heavy objects is now something I try to avoid to reduce my reliance on a chiropractor. The final straw was in Bangkok, when after attending a four day conference, I was laden down with literature and freebies, resulting with me struggling in the heat with a 17kg bulging rucksack on my back. And so, feeling like a ‘proper’ adult now, I bought my first suitcase. With a handle. And 4 wheels. I can’t wait to take it on my next adventure. A backpacker I may no longer be, but a traveller I will remain till the day I die…

My New Suitcase



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2 thoughts on “Growing Up (aka Hanging Up My Backpack)

  1. Your not really hanging up the pack, you just upgraded to a pack with wheels ! Travel on ! 🙂

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