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Exploring Español

Estoy nerviosa. I am nervous. He estado estudiando español por dos años. I have been studying Spanish for two years. En menos de dos semanas, voy a ir a sudamerica. In less than two weeks, I’m going to South America. He ido a sudamerica dos veces antes de este viaje. I have been to South America twice before this visit. Pero en esta ocasión, voy a estar sola. But on this occasion, I will be on my own. Y de mayor importancia, trabajaré mientras estoy allí. And most importantly, I will work whilst I am there.

Why am I doing this? ¿Por qué estoy haciendo esto? I love to travel. Me gusta viajar. I like to step out of my ‘comfort zone’. Me gusta salir de mi ‘zona de confort’. And so I decided to go somewhere where I would have to speak the language. Y así yo decidí  ir a un lugar donde yo tendría que hablar la lengua. It has been a dream for three years. Ha sido un sueño por tres años. And finally, the moment has arrived! ¡Y finalmente, el momento ha llegado! Watch this space! ¡Mira este espacio!

¿Usted ha salido su ‘zona de confort’?  Have you been out of your ‘comfort zone’? ¿Dónde? Where? ¿Cómo? How?

Image Source: theprisma.co.uk

Image Source: theprisma.co.uk

Edit: Gracias to one of my Spanish teachers for correcting a few minor mistakes. I am very grateful to the team at Speak Spanish for helping me these past two years.

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5 thoughts on “Exploring Español

  1. Laura on said:

    Es una buena pregunta! No se si “he salido fuera de mi zona de confort”. Lo hago cuando tengo que hablar frente a una audiencia, la verdad. No tengo problemas en hablar frente a mis clases pero si cuando hay un grupo grande de personas, no se por que, me pone muy nerviosa!

    Vas a estar bien! No te rindas y trata de hablar y hablar… explicando lo que no te entienden con otras palabras, vas a ver que estaras bien!

  2. Gracias por su respuesta.
    I’m not so good at speaking it because my brain can’t keep up with the speed of a conversation. It is much better suited to reading and writing when I can think it all through. BUT! There is nothing like throwing yourself in at the deep end, and going on my own will definitely make me put more of an effort in with listening and talking!

  3. Was it difficult to learn Spanish ? I went to South America in 2011 for 3 months, but when I arrived there, I couldn’t speak a word of Spanish. After 3 months, I could understand when people were talking to me, but speaking was a bit more tricky. Now.. I have the feeling I forgot everything.

    • I find reading and writing a lot easier in any foreign language than speaking. Even after 2 years of group classes I can get frustrated with the feeling of not being able to get my words out. Previously when I’ve been to South America & Spain I’ve relied on my travel companions, tour guides or spoken in English. This time it’s all on me & I’ll have to speak Spanish in my voluntary post.

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