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Wildlife of the Galapagos Islands

I am fully aware of how lucky I am. I have been able to travel many times, and in different countries have had, with just a few exceptions, such thrilling experiences with the local flora and fauna. But in my opinion, there is nowhere in the world that can come close to the experience I have recently had in the Galapagos Islands. Magical. Surreal. Fantastic. Whatever adjective I choose, it cannot adequately sum up how the place makes me feel. After 5 weeks visiting 10 of the 17 islands (and the seas in between!), I saw so much wildlife that I just had to share some of my excitement.

MAMMALS (English)/MAMIFEROS (Spanish)

Sea Lion/Lobo Marino

Sea LionSea lion underwater

Humpback Whale/Jorobada

Humpback Whale mother and calf

Bottle-nosed Dolphins/Delfin Mular

Bottle-nosed dolphins

Killer Whale/Orca

Orca (fin tips just visible)


Galapagos Giant Tortoise/Galapago

Galapagos Tortoise

Pacific Green Turtle/Tortuga Marino del Pacifico

Marine Turtle

Marine Iguana/Iguana Marina

Marine Iguana

Galapagos Land Iguana/Iguana Terrestre de Galapagos

Land Iguana

Hybrid Iguana

Hybrid (Marine x Land) Iguana

Lava Lizard/Lagartija de Lava

Lava lizardLava LizardLava LizardLava Lizard




Blue-footed Booby/Piquero Patas Azules

Blue-footed Booby

Nazca Booby/Piquero de Nazca

Nazca Booby

Magnificent Frigatebird/Fragata Real

Magnificent Frigatebird (Female & Juvenile)Magnificent Frigatebird (Male)

Great Frigatebird/Fragata Comun

Great Frigatebird (Juvenile)Great Frigatebird (Male)

Galapagos Penguin/Pinguino de las Galapagos

Galapagos Penguin

Greater Flamingo/Flamenco


Lava Gull/Gaviota de Lava

Lava Gull

Red-billed Tropic Bird/Ave Tropical

Red-billed Tropic Bird

Swallow-tailed Gull/Gaviota de Cola Bifurcada

Swallow-tailed Gull

Brown Noddy Tern/Gaviotin Cabeza Blanca

Brown Noddy Tern

Smooth-billed Ani/Garrapatero Comun


Galapagos Shearwater/Pufino de Galapagos


Storm Petrel/Golondrina de Mar

Frigatebird (large) with Storm Petrel (small)

Semipalmated Plover/Chorlitejo




Sanderling/Playero Comun


Wandering Tattler/Errante

Wandering Tattler

Ruddy Turnstone/Vuelve Piedras


Great Blue Heron/Garza Morena

Great Blue Heron

Cattle Egret/Garza del Ganado Bueyera

Cattle Egret

Great Egret/Garza Blanca

Great Egret

Brown Pelican/Pelicano Cafe

Brown Pelican (Juvenile)Grey Heron (Adult)


Small Ground FinchLarge Ground FinchGalapagos FinchFinch

Yellow Warbler/Canario Maria

Yellow Warbler (Male)Yellow Warbler (Female)

Striated Heron/Garza de Lava

Striated heron

Yellow-crowned Night Heron/Garza Nocturna

Night Heron

Galapagos Mockingbird/Cucuve de Galapagos


White-cheeked Pintail/Patillo

White Cheeked Pintail (Female)

Common Gallinule/Gallinula

Common Gallinule

Black-necked Stilt/Tero Real

Black Necked Stilt

Galapagos Dove/Paloma de Galapagos


Galapagos Flycatcher/Papamoscas



White-tipped Reef Shark/Tintorera

White-tipped Reef Shark



Spotted Eagle Ray/Raya Aguila

Spotted Eagle Ray

Blue-Chin Parrot Fish/Pez Loro de Barba Azul

Blue-Chin Parrotfish (Terminal Phase)Blue-Chinned Parrotfish (Initial Phase)

Streamer Hogfish/Vieja Ribeteada

Streamer Hogfish

Panamic Sergeant Major/Sargento Mayor

Sergeant Major



Galapagos Grunt/Roncador de Galapagos

Galapagos Grunt

Razor Surgeonfish/Pez Chanco

Razor Surgeonfish

King Angelfish/Pez Bandera

King Angelfish

Bullseye Puffer/Botete Diana

Bullseye Puffer


Galapagos Painted locust/Saltamontes de Galapagos

Painted Locust

Spot-winged Dragonfly/Chapulete


Zig zag Spider/Aranha zig zag

Zig-Zag Spider

Sally Lightfoot Crab/Zayapa

Sally Lightfoot Crab

Fiddler Crab/Cangrejo Violinista

Fiddler Crab

Pencil Spined Sea Urchin/Erizo Punta de Lapiz

Sea Urchin

Chocolate Chip Sea Star/Estrella Chispas de Chocolate

Chocolate Chip Sea Star




Cockroach on back


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8 thoughts on “Wildlife of the Galapagos Islands

  1. Lovely post , awesome pictures. Do read and follow these blogs to go on a roller coaster ride of fun and more; http://www.enchantedforests.wordpress.com and http://www.travelwithmukul.wordpress.com

  2. Laura on said:

    Que bonitas fotos! Las hiciste tu? Espero verte pronto asi me cuentas mas detalles.

  3. This looks amazing – I am very jealous! Hope I get the change to visit Galapagos one day:)

  4. cheruiyot leonard on said:

    it is good teaching where by i and my friends, have enjoy in one way or the other.thanks alot for you good work i hope one day we will see these animals live

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