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Winter in Tekapo

Last year, my partner and I only had two coinciding full weekends off the whole year, one in June and one in December. I don’t know whether a week day 9-5 job is still classed as the norm, but neither me nor my partner know that life and as such, scheduling weekends away far ahead of time is just how it rolls with us. So I had found us a nice place to stay on the shore of Lake Tekapo for a summer weekend break in December, but a change of plans meant rescheduling it for the June weekend instead and when that weekend rolled around, we duly headed off across the mountain passes to get there. As it turned out though, the weekend didn’t quite work out the way I had wanted it to.

Being in the middle of winter, there was enough snow on the surrounding mountains to paint a pretty picture. We arrived early enough to have several hours of daylight ahead of us and it was gloriously sunny, although cold. We couldn’t check in to our accommodation yet so we parked up in the main car park and wandered along the lake shore. I had been here 7 months prior on a road trip with my brother who was over visiting from Scotland, but my partner hadn’t been in quite some time and the village has undergone a bit of change since he’d last been. Yet more development was in the process even as we visited. It is one of so many changes occurring around New Zealand in response to massively increasing tourist numbers. I was beginning to feel a little under the weather that day, but not enough to stop me from enjoying a nice cocktail at the pub before we headed to check in to our place for the next couple of nights.


I’d been excited by the lakefront location of our cottage until as we headed up the driveway we discovered that not only was lakeside a bit farfetched, but our ‘cottage’ was in fact a converted garage, hidden behind another building. It was also exceedingly dated inside, and more importantly for the time of year, not very warm at all. My partner and I just looked at each other silently as we walked around rather disappointed. It had not been a cheap booking either, and my partner thought it was hysterical to bring it up for some time to come. Nonetheless, we made a point of getting straight back out again and wandering around another section of the lake before the short winter afternoon came to a close. I stayed by the lake to watch the changing colours of the sunset for as long as I could tolerate the coldness, before heading inside.


In the darkness, we headed to the far end of the village to the Tekapo Springs where 3 pools, shaped to coincide with the nearest lakes, offered a thermal experience. It was cold to nip between the pools but in the water itself it was divine. It’s no Hanmer Springs, but with the steam rising into the darkness, it was nice enough. Back at our cottage though it was freezing and the heating failed to make much headway in the large open plan living space. Thankfully the bedroom was much more compact so we were able to stay warm in the bed and get a reasonable sleep.

The next morning was another beautiful day. I still wasn’t feeling completely right but after breakfast we took a drive up to the Mount John observatory that overlooks the lake. One of these days, I’ll do the walk up, but circumstances have always led to me driving up. From the car park and the observatory itself, the views over snow capped mountains and the glistening blue lakes is divine. There is a cafe here which is always busy, and now there is a fee to drive up when it used to be free, but whether you walk up or drive up, it is a definite must-do viewing spot in the area. From here we took a drive along the road that heads up between Lakes Tekapo and Alexandrina, turning round at Lake McGregor.


We had reservations for an early dinner at one of the eateries in town which was delicious. But unfortunately, back at the cottage, we struggled to get the place warmed up and to top it off, the anxiety which I had been living with for a couple of years by that point, hit me with a vengeance as I fretted over something outwith my control and started to have a panic attack. Sadly, this is not the first time that my mental health issues has tainted a trip away. It is an affliction with no logic, hitting me out of the blue at times, and often interfering with my down time. I have wasted many days off over the past couple of years, wallowing in my angst and feeling ill. So it was no great surprise that I felt rundown and pretty blah the next day, and I didn’t feel like doing anything. In fact I felt feverish and ended up just sleeping through portions of the drive home. Tekapo had been as beautiful as ever, but it hadn’t quite been the weekend away that I’d hoped for.

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