My Life in Motion

Sports/Activities I’ve Done

I’ve led an adventurous life, always keen to try out new things. Below is a list of sports and activities that I have tried or done regularly in my adult life. Life is for living, so I do my best to live it fully.

100m Abseil








  • Aerial Hoop/Lyra (New Zealand)
  • Anti-Gravity AirBARRE (New Zealand)
  • Anti-Gravity Yoga (New Zealand)

Handstand at Antigravity Yoga






  • Archery (Scotland)








  • Badminton (Scotland)
  • Bikram Yoga (New Zealand)
  • Bungee Jumping (South Africa, World’s Highest – 216m)

Jumping off a bridge







Squeezing through








Elephant riding







  • Falconry (Scotland)
















Glacier trekking








Horseriding in South AfricaHorseriding in Patagonia












  • Ice Skating (Scotland)
  • Jetboating (Fiji)







Cathedral Cove Kayak Tours







Rotorua Luge















Whisky the Ostrich








  • Pilates (New Zealand)
  • Pole dancing (Scotland, New Zealand)















sand boarding






  • Silks (New Zealand)






Upside down staring up at the stars







Snorkelling in the Galapagos






  • Swimming (Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Fiji, Ecuador)
  • Tai Chi (Scotland)
  • 10-pin bowling (Scotland, New Zealand)
  • White water rafting (Peru, New Zealand)

White water rafting












Dry ZorbingWet zorbing











  • Zumba (Scotland, Cook Islands, New Zealand)

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