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Iceland’s Street Art

Whilst it wasn’t something I expected to see on my trip to Iceland, I was pleased to stumble upon a lot of street art murals, especially in the capital Reykjavik. I’ve become a fan of these since my home city of Christchurch has embraced this form of art during its post-earthquake rebuild. Potentially there are more to discover in the parts of the city that I didn’t visit, but there were plenty to see on a wander round.


Street art in Seyðisfjörður



Street Art in Akureyri



Mural in Borgarnes



Mural in Reykjavik

Fisherman mural in Reykjavik

Reykjavik street art

Stamp mural in Reykjavik

House facade in Reykjavik

Mural in Reykjavik

Vampire mural in Reykjavik

Eagle mural in Reykjavik

Crow art in Reykjavik

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8 thoughts on “Iceland’s Street Art

  1. Adam Morris on said:

    Awesome murals!! They’re very artistic… I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland… very cool!

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  3. These are fabulous! I love street art.

  4. Oh street art in Reykjavik is amazing !! I recognised some of these and it brings back nice memories 🙂

    • Since they became popular in my home city of Christchurch I now see street art everywhere I go. I really enjoy seeing them. Makes an otherwise drab wall or drab street beautiful.

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